What a great show! Fabulous weather combined with good company and some great flying made for a perfect weekend.

Friday was practice day and a good start to the weekend. Plenty of flying with the jets going up first - 2 Strikemaster, 2 Albatros & the Vampire. They flew over to Wellington to tease a few more people into coming. Also up were the Yak 9, Avro Anson, Extra, 5 Harvards & the Me108. Saturday was the full program with flying 10.45 through to 4.25 pm. Highly entertaining. On the ground I believe a world record was achieved with 30 odd Bren Gun Carriers taking a 3km hike together. Warhorses over Wairarapa - the ground display, was interesting with over 90 vehichles in attendance from all over NZ.

We were happy to see a lot of past tour guests and some future guests so all in all a successful & entertaining weekend. Roll on "Classic Fighters" at Omaka in April.

You can check out our photos on Facebook www.facebook.com/planestrains

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