Codford St Mary Commonwealth War Graves & the Australian Badge


The Codford area has had a long history with ANZAC soldiers and during World War I large training and transfer camps were established for the tens of thousands of troops waiting to move to France. Codford also became a depot in 1916 for the men who had been evacuated from the front line and were not fit to return to the front.

The Codford Badge hill figure also known as The Australian Badge or The Rising Sun is situated on Lamb Down, a steep hillside facing south towards the Wylye Valley at the eastern end of the village.  In its original form it depicted a Trophy of Arms- the Badge of the Australian Imperial Force.  The 175 by 150 foot Badge was cut into the chalk in 1916 after the Australian Brigade Commander, looking at the hill from his HQ at Stockton House in Stockton decided that defaulters should be made as part of their punishment to carve the Badge in this prominent position. The soldiers having to march up and down the hill in full kit and climb up for physical training often in bitter conditions nicknamed the site ‘Misery Hill.’ Another name commonly used locally was ‘The Pimple.’ 

The initial work was begun by the 13th training Battalion AIF and it was embedded with green, brown and clear beer bottles  that would give the appearance of the bronze badge worn by the AIF on their uniforms. During WWII it was covered over to prevent the Luftwaffe using it as a navigational aid. 

The present outline recut is less intricate than the original.


ANZAC Chalk Carving - Google Earth


St Mary’s Church Codford

A small plot of land in a tranquil corner of the village close to St Mary’s Church was established as a Military Burial Ground by deed of gift after the Great War. Planted with Irish Yews and Beech trees the ANZAC Cemetery is under the auspices of the Commonwealth War Grave Commission. It is the largest New Zealand War Grave Cemetery and the second largest ANZAC War Grave Cemetery in the United Kingdom. The plot contains 66 New Zealanders, 31 Australians and a soldier from the Royal Army Medical Corps from WWI and along with a lone Welsh Guardsman from WWII.


St Mary's Cemetery

Inside the hedge from Beanis Path is a single grave, directly behind it two more; there are three rows of graves with an aisle in the centre; four individual graves and finally a long row along the western boundary. These are the ANZAC graves; the WWII headstone is beneath a tree to the east of the Cross of Sacrifice.

This peaceful cemetery is today a place of pilgrimage, it also a place to reflect on the tragedy of so many young men who arrived in the vigour of youth and never returned to their loved ones.  Pneumonia and sickness accounted for the majority of the deaths, 56 that we know of. Very few of the men seem to have been married.

The cemetery is kept beautifully by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and local volunteers, and the 97 Australian and NZ graves are a central element of the church and village. A dawn commemoration service is held each year on ANZAC Day, 25th April, and the local school also has a service there later in the day.


Roll of Honour and cause of death



1] Fletcher, Pte. Harry David 7455. 13th Bn. Australian Infantry. 29th July 1917. Enlisted Sydney New South Wales.

2] Harris, Pte. Albert Arthur, 640. 4th Coy Australian Machine Gun Corps. Died of wounds 27th July 1917 aged 23. Son of Arthur and Eliza Harris of Ranelagh, Tasmania.

Private Albert Arthur Harris known to his parents as ‘Sonnie’ was the eldest son of Arthur and Eliza Harris; he came from Ranelagh in the Huon Valley and was an orchardist with a passion for horses. His sweetheart Amy became pregnant with their son Reginald before he left to fight; Sonnie was never to see his child, he died of peritonitis as a result of bullet wounds received in Malta in 1917. Machine gun crews were the target of every enemy weapon on the battlefield; the officers and men of the British Machine Gun Corps were nicknamed ‘The Suicide Club’ with a casualty rate in excess of 33%. Reg knew very little about his father, he was orphaned at 16 when his mother died; Amy had never married.

3] Patience, Pte. Frank Nicholas,7795. 16th Bn. Australian Infantry.  Died of pneumonia 27th October 1917 aged 19. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Patience of Georgina, Western Australia; born in Greenough.

4] Couchman, Pte. Arthur John 2881. 51st  Bn. Australian Infantry. 15th February 1917. Died of bronco-pneumonia aged 30. Widowed mother Mrs S. M. Couchman of North Fremantle, Western Australia; enlisted Fremantle 10th July 1916; born Dartford, Kent, England; worked as a labourer. 

5] Williams,  Pte. James Thomas  6859.16th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of influenza and cardiac failure 18th February 1917 aged 29. Son of Mr. J.M. & Mrs. M.E. Williams of Kalcuddering,  Kounongorring, Western Australia; was a farmer before enlisting in Toodyay, WA.

6] McIlroy, Pte. Gabriel  6607. 15th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of  bronchitis 19th February 1917 aged 39. Son of Patrick & Ann Christina McIlroy; a gold miner born at Charters Towers, Queensland.

7] Flanagan, Pte. John Richard  6762. 16th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of pneumonia 19th February 1917 aged 43. Son of Luke & Annie Flanagan; a civil servant born at Tatura, Victoria.

8] Morton/ Lessells  Pte. [served as John Morton –true family name John  Macindish Adamson Lessells]  6809. 15th Bn. Australian Infantry. 19th February 1917. Enlisted Brisbane, Queensland.

9] Bickley, Pte. Thomas George 6852. 16th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of bronchitis 23rd February 1917 aged 37. Son of Absolon & Mary Bickley; husband of Rose Bickley of Wagin, Western Australia; born at Fremantle; worked as a labourer.

10] McGrath, Pte. James Charles Patrick 7026. 15th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of pneumonia 2nd March 1917 aged 21. Son of Patrick & Margaret McGrath of St Lawrence, Rockhampton, Queensland; enlisted St Lawrence; schooled at home; worked as a station hand.

11] Gorman, Pte. Thomas Michael 6019. 15th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of sickness 14th March 1917 aged 25. Son of Patrick John & Mary Gorman; born at Brisbane, Queensland; enlisted Petrie Terrace, Queensland.

12] Connelly, Pte. Percy Francis 3144. 49th Bn. Australian Infantry. 19th   March 1917. Enlisted Banalow, New South Wales; died of pneumonia.

13] Holder, Pte Harry, 7251. 16th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of cerebro spinal meningitis 28th April 1917 aged 32. Son of Harry & Grace Leggo Holder of 109 St Leonard’s Avenue, West Leederville , Western Australian; born in Cornwall, England, emigrated to Australia apparently with his family when he was 27; worked as a farmer. Six brothers enlisted, Harry’s younger brother John Leggo Holder was 14 when the family arrived in Australia. John was a clerk when he enlisted in Subiaco, WA as Pte 2431a in 51st Bn. Australian Infantry. He was killed in action in France when he was nineteen and a half and is remembered on memorial panel 568 HAC Cemetery Ecoust-St Mein. The records show that Harry Holder Snr. States a third son was totally incapacitated in the conflict. A search of the Australian Roll of Honour does not indicate any details that indicate any of the other brothers were killed.  

14] Salisbury, Spr. Charles 16486. N.Z. Engineers. Died of sickness 28th May 1917 aged 32. Husband of Norah A. Salisbury of 18 Newton Rd, Auckland.

15] Wishart, Pte. Andrew Anderson 8/4057 . 1st Bn. Otago Regt. N.Z.E.F. 10th July 1917 aged 21.  Son of George Blyth & Agnes H.M. Wishart of Makarewa, Invercargill.

16] Protheroe, Dvr. William 6/3133. N.Z. Army Service Corps. Died of sickness 15th July 1917 aged 38. Son of Alexander Protheroe of Elgin, Ashburton, Christchurch.

17] Holland, Pte. Francis Arthur 28885. Auckland Regt. N.Z.E.F. 6th September 1917 aged 30. Son of Matthew & Elizabeth Holland of High St., Maryborough, Victoria, Australia.

18] Keys, Rfn. Frederick Charles 32346. 3rd N.Z. [Rifle ] Brigade. Died of sickness 15th April 1917 aged 35. . Son of Benjamin Hun t Keys & Annie Jane Keys of 94 Marine Parade, Napier.

19] Dumbleton, Cpl. Ronald 8/2901. Otago Regt. N.Z.E.F. died of sickness 5th April 1917 aged 26. Son of William & Lucy A. Dumbleton of Pukeuri, Junction, Oamaru.

20] Browning, Pte. Frederick Henry 34797. Otago Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness 31st March 1917 aged 33. Son of John & the late Mrs Browning.

21] Watson, Pte. Walter Robert 31568. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. died of pneumonia 20th March 1917 aged 27. Son of Edward Wilfred & Eliza Watson; husband of  Beatrice E. Watson of Fox Hill, Nelson.

22] McDonald, Pte. Gordon 28186. Wellington Regt., .N.Z.E.F. Died of meningitis 5th March 1917 aged 25. Son of John & Ellen McDonald of Te-Ore, Pongaroa, Wellington.

23] Allen, Pte. William 31453. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. died of sickness 23rd February 1917 aged 29. Son of Joseph Allen of Bexley, Canterbury.

24] Tombs, Pte. Charles 31552. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. 17th February 1917 aged 43. Son of Job & Elizabeth Tombs; born at Sefton, Canterbury.

25] Delaney, Pte. J. 32149. N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. 17th February 1917 aged 24.

26] Button, Corp. Albert James 1870. 51st Bn. Australian Infantry. Accidentally killed 23rd November 1916 aged 23 or 24. Born Melbourne; enlisted Fremantle W.A.; worked as a hotel clerk.

Corporal Button was killed in a training accident at No. 2 Camp Codford, when a live grenade thrown by Private Taylor of 51st Bn. landed in a bay full of men waiting their turn to practice. The other men escaped almost unscathed; Corporal Button froze, he was seriously injured and died before reaching hospital. At the Inquest it was recorded that “A bullet had passed completely through his brain, death being due to a fracture of the skull. Deceased had a few wounds on his legs but they were quite slight.”

27] Smith, Pte. Michael, 2782. 45th Bn. Australian Infantry. 5th December 1916 aged 38.

28] Osborne, Pte.  T.E. 2696 45th Bn  Australian Infantry. 10th December 1916 aged 33.

Both private’s Smith and Osborne have crosses as headstones and an inscription: Erected by his comrades A Company 12th Training.

29] Ryan, Pte. Richard Charles Gladstone, 2465. 50th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of bronco-pneumonia 16th December 1916 aged 21. Son of Richard & Margaret Ina Ryan of Streaky Bay, South Australia; born & enlisted at Talia; worked in farming. 30] Beattie, Pte. Edwin, 2389. 47th Bn Australian Infantry. Died of pneumonia 1st January 1917 aged 22. Son of John & Mary Elizabeth Beattie of Fern Hill, Coomera, Queensland.

31] Kinane, Pte. Lawrence, 2538. 49th Bn Australian Infantry. Died of broncho-pneumonia 6th January 1917 aged 19. Son of Daniel & Catherine Kinane; born in County Cork, Ireland; came to Australia aged 18[?] worked as a farmer; enlisted Warwick, Queensland.

32] McGregor, Pte. David Edward, 6621. 15th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of  broncho-pneumonia 23rd January 1917 aged 36. Son of Mrs Isabella McGregor; born at Bega, New South Wales; worked as manager of a cheese factory. He had two brothers in the AIF Lieut. McGregor of 121 Light Horse ‘ Mentioned in Despatches’ & Sgt. Major Wallace McGregor of 25th Battalion ‘Military Medal.’ Neither man appears on the Australian Roll of Honour so it would appear they survived the war.

33] Brookes, Pte. Harold Vincent, 2628. 47th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of sickness 5th February 1917 aged 19. Son of William & Mary Brookes; born at Ipswich, Queensland.

34] Parkinson, Pte. Alfred Henry, 7109. 16th Bn. Australian Infantry.  Died in Sutton Veny Hospital of broncho-pneumonia 26th March 1917 aged 37. Son of William Jones & Isabella Louisa Parkinson; born in South Australia; worked as a miner as did his brother Pte Charles Frederick Parkinson, 3914, of 11th Battalion. He was killed in action somewhere  in France between 22-25th July 1916 aged 30. He is remembered on panel 63 at Villers–Bretonneaux. Inscription reads: In the path of duty was the way to glory.

35] McMullen, Rfn. William, 23416. 1st Bn. N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. Died of sickness 13th February 1917 aged 21. Son of James & Rose McMullen of 20 Arabi St., Mount Albert, Auckland.

36] Jefferies, Pte. Job 6/2173. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. 12th February 1917 aged 27. Son of William & Ada Jefferies of Kangahu, Karamea.

37] Kelland, Pte. John Bodley, 31294. Wellington Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness 11th February 1917 aged 21. Son of George & Mary Kelland of Manaia, Waimate West.

38] Boland, Pte. Edward James, 26982. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. 4th February 1917 aged 31. Son of Francis & Annie Boland of Darfield; husband of Nellie Bolland of Darfield, Christchurch.

39] Winterburn, Rfn. Betram, 28568. N.Z.[Rifle] Brigade. Died of sickness 4th February 1917 aged 40. Son of Arthur A. Winterburn of Tory St., Nelson.

40] Telford, Rfn. Thomas, 13132. 3rd Bn. 3rd N.Z. Rifle Brigade. Died 2nd February 1917 aged 44. Son of James & Mary Telford of Baccus Marsh, Victoria, Australia.

41] McFarlane, Pte. James Malcolm, 25284. Wellington Regt. N.Z.E.F. died of pneumonia 25th January 1917 aged 23. Son of Peter & Helen McFarlane of ‘Hopetoun’, Woodgrove, North Canterbury.

42] Shaw, Pte. Alexander Davison, 27966. N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. 15th January 1917 aged 36. Son of Elizabeth Shaw of 170 Coventry Street, South Melbourne & the late Thomas Shaw; born at Sandford, Victoria.

43] McCloud, Pte. James,8/2084. Otago regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness 28th December 1916 aged 23. Son of Samuel McCloud of Papatahi, Featherstone, Wellington.

44] Garlick, Rfn. William, 17708. N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. 13th December 1916 aged 29. Son of Charles & Maria Dorothy Garlick of Taneatua, Bay of Plenty.

45] Glastonbury, Rfn. Albert George, 25860. N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. 5th December 1916 aged 34. Husband of  Mrs. M.A.Glastonbury of Ohingaiti.

46] Darch, Pte. A.J.  87276. ‘F’Coy. Royal Army Medical Corps. 25th November 1916.

47] Foster, Rfn. Edward, 20134. N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. Died of sickness 14th November 1916 aged 34.

48] Pollock, Pte. Alexander, 3587. 57th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died 21st February 1919. Enlisted Derby, Victoria.

49] Ziesler, Cpl. Charles, 3961. 51st Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of sickness  in No 3 New Zealand General Hospital of sickness 26th June 1918 aged 46.  Son of William & Lucy Ziesler; husband of M.M. Ziesler of 68 Outram Street, Perth; born in England.

50] Clarke, Pte. Sydney James, 3762. 49th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of brocho-pneumonia 21st June 1918 aged 28. Foster son of Mrs. E. Noud of Goondiwindi, Queensland; born & enlisted at St George, Queensland.

51] Cattermole, Pte Frank James, 3861. 48th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of sickness 14th June 1918 aged 19. Son of William James & Amelia Jane Cattermole of Bordertown, South Australia; born in Victoria.

52] Chilton, Pte. Thomas William, 1588, [ also listed as John William Auton]. 53rd Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of sickness 30th March 1918 aged 29. Son of Mrs Sarah Ellen Chilton; born at Ripon, Yorkshire, England. He seems to have  been a farmer who arrived in Australia when he was 22 and enlisted in Coolamon NSW. He had been wounded at Suvla Bay in 1914 and in France in 1917.

53] Jennings, Pte. Clarence Albert, 3861. 32nd Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of  measles & purulent brochitis 22nd March 1918 aged 21. Son of Robert Edward & Mary Ann Carrison Jennings of Port MacDonnell, South Australia. 54] Stratford, Pte. Henry Thomas, 5117. 31st Bn. Australian Infantry.  Died 4th March 1918. Enlisted in Brisbane; worked as a labourer.

54] Stratford,Pte. Henry Thomas 5117. 31st Bn. Australian Infantry. Died 4th march 1918. Enlisted Brisbane; worked as a labourer

55] Cameron, Pte. Oscar, 3367. 59th Bn,  Australian Infantry. Died of chronic nephritis 24th January 1918 aged 37. Son of Christopher & Agnes Cameron of Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada.

56] Cathcart, Pte. William Rea, 7716. 16th Bn. Australian Infantry. Died of diabetes 25th November 1917 aged 30. Son of Thomas Cathcart of Windsor Terrace, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Ireland.  Went to Australia at the age of 24; worked as a book-keeper; enlisted in Perth WA.

57] Bourke, Pte. Walter Edward, 51681. Auckland Regt., N.Z.E.F. 25th October 1917 aged 36. Son of Eliza & the late Patrick Bourke of 35 Esplanade, Mount Eden, Auckland. Born at Dargaville.

58] Kearse, Pte. Thomas Walker, 6/2382. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. 25th October 1917 aged 23. Husband of Mrs. C. L. Asselin [formerly Kearse] of 25 Holmwood Street, Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales.

59] Holmes, Pte. Arthur, 23/2204. N.Z.Maori [Pioneer] Battalion.  Died of sickness 28th December 1917 aged 33.

60] Whitelaw, Pte. Alexander George, 37903. Canterbury Regt., N.Z.E.F. Died of pneumonia 10th January 1918 aged 36. Son of Peter & Agnes Whitelaw of Makarewa, Invercargil;. born in Scotland.

61] Thomas, Rfn. Samuel, 26207. 1st Bn. 3rd N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade.  Died 14th January 1918 aged 21.

62] Alley, Pte. Francis Lignori, 10287. Otago Regt. N.Z.E.F. died of sickness 1st January 1917 aged 22. Son of John & Elizabeth Alley of Salisbury Road, Gisborne.

63] Moody, Pte. Francis Robert, 62358. Canterbury Regt., N.Z.E.F. died of phthisis  22nd February 1918 aged 31. Son of Francis Rolfe & Mary Moody of Kihi Kihi, Waikato.

64] Charleston, Rfn. John, 33301. N.Z. [Rifle ] Brigade. Died of meningitis 15th March 1918 aged 39. Son of John Charles & Clare Charleston of Cardiff, Wales; husband of  F. Charleston of 109 Aro Street, Wellington.

 65] Morris,Pte Frank Kemp 64558. Otago Regt., N.Z.E.F. died of bronchitis 20th April 1918 aged 32.

66] Perwick, Pte. Thomas Patrick, 39307. Otago Regt., N.Z.E.F. 4th May 1918 aged 28. Son of Alfred & Catherine Perwick of St Patrick’s, Balfour, Southland.

67] Harvey, Pte. John Charles, 40212. 2nd Coy. 2nd Bn. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of nephritis 7th May 1918 aged 25. Son of George & Eleonora Margaret Dorothy Harvey of Sandy Bay, Riwaka, Nelson.

68] O’Neill, Pte, Patrick Thomas, 30449. N.Z. Machine Gun Battalion. Died of sickness 23rd May 1918. Son of Mrs Jane and the late Mr O’Neill of 151 Taranaki St., Wellington.

69] Tucker, Pte. Harry Edward, 10899. Wellington Regt., N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness 15th June 1918 aged 26. Son of John Tucker of Weardale Orchard, Havelock North.

70] Dunne, Serjt.  William Patrick, 13890. Otago Regt., N.Z.E.F. died of sickness 19th June 1918 aged 31. Son of Patrick & C. Dunne of Totaratahi, Oamaru.

71] Moore, Pte. John, 79989. Canterbury Regt., N.Z.E.F. died of pneumonia 13th April 1919 aged 37. Son of Thomas & Helen Moore of Sumner, Christchurch; husband of Mary Moore of 13 High Street, Kaiapoi, Canterbury.

72] Hape, Pte. Hona, 16/536. N.Z. Maori [Pioneer] Battalion. Died of sickness 11th April 1919 aged 26. Son of Hope & Hera Inumia Tangiora of Opoutama, Napier.

73] Gilmour, Cpl. William, 10/3886. N.Z. Medical Corps. Died of influenza 7th April 1919 aged 52. Youngest son of the late John & Isabella Gilmour of New Plymouth.

74] Kearse, Rfn. Bertie Ernest, 25/1771. 1st Bn. 3rd N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. Died of sickness 16th July 1918 aged 40. Son of Thomas F. Kearse of 15 Owen Street, Wellington; husband of the late Ada Kearse. Born at Wanganui. 

75] Hayes, Pte. Daniel, 63153. Otago Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of pneumonia 31st March 1919 aged 24. Son of Ann & the late John Hayes of Outram, Dunedin.

76] Aicken, Rfn. William Michael, 72925. N.Z.[Rifle] Brigade. Died of pneumonia 28th March 1919 aged 27. Son of William & Jessie Aicken of Aickens, Westland.

77] Freitas, Pte. David, 47553. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness 21st March 1919 aged 35. Son of Mr F. & Mrs M.A. Freitas of Three Mile, Hokitika.

78] Sexton, Rfn. Michael, 65462. N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. 18th February 1919 aged 30. Son of William & Bridget Sexton of Westport.

79] Hayes, Q.M.S. [W.O.II] Charles William, 5/242B. N.Z. Army Service Corps. Died of pneumonia 16th February1919 aged 34. Son of Porter Theodore & Elizabeth Hayes of Auckland; husband of Emily Hayes of 25b Hanson Street, Newtown, Wellington.

80] Maley, Lce. Cpl. Archibald James, 8/3001. 1st Bn. Otago Regt., N.Z.E.F. 15TH February 1919 aged 24; born at Mataura.

81] Wakelin, Capt. William Richard, 6/2891. Canterbury Regt., N.Z.E.F. 5th   February 1919 . Eldest son of Mrs G.A. & the late G.K. Wakelin of Blenheim.

82] Griffin, Pte. Alexander John, 81179. Otago Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness 22nd January 1919 aged 29. Husband of Mrs E.M. Griffin of Bonny Glen, Marton, Wanganui.

83] Jordan, Major Benjamin Stevens, 6/1109. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of accidental injuries in a plane crash 24th May 1918 aged 34. Son of Mr S & the late Ellen Jordan of Rangiora; husband of Elsie C. Jordan of 136 Bishop Street, St Albans, Christchurch.

At the time of his death on Friday 24th May 1918, Major Jordan was second in command of the New Zealand Command Depot at Codford.  He was a passenger on an Airco DH6C6518 piloted by 2nd Lieutenant Joseph J. Daley from New York based at No 8 Training Depot Station at Netheravon.  The crash occurred when the outer port wings collapsed as the aircraft began to pull out of a loop and dive manoeuvre to 1000 feet. The Training Depot had been formed 1st April that year and was responsible for basic and advanced training; the crash was its first fatality.

84] King, Pte. Walter Edward, 16761. Auckland Regt. N.Z.E.F. 14th December 1918 aged 27. Son of John Henry & Johannah Augusta King of North Loburn, Canterbury.

85] McDonnell, Pte. James William, 17806. 1st Bn. Canterbury Regt., N.Z.E.F. died of pneumonia 18th November 1918 aged 27. Son of Eliza Amy & the late William McDonnell of 97 Barbour Street, Linwood, Christchurch.

86] O’Connor, Pte. Graham Wakefield, 60184. Auckland Regt., N.Z.E.F. died of pneumonia, 9th November 1918 aged 24. Only son of Charles & Ellen Nina O’Conner of 28 Omahu Road, Remuera, Auckland; born at Christchurch.

87] Mincher, Pte. Oswold Alan, 26885. 2nd Bn. Auckland Regt. N.Z.E.F. died on pneumonia 15th November 1918 aged 30. Son of James & Elizabeth Mincher of Northcote, Auckland.

88] Guthrie, Rfn. William George, 57070. 3rd Bn 3rd N.Z. [Rifle] Brigade. Died of pneumonia 29th October 1918 aged 40. Son of William & Jane Guthrie of Havelock North, Napier.

89] Byrne, Lce. Cpl. Vincent John, 4/535. N.Z. Engineers. 19th October 1918 aged 27. Son of Thomas Vincent & Frances A.M. Byrne of Kumara, Westland.

90] Saville, Pte. John George, 73523. New Zealand Reinforcement. Died of bronchitis 15th September 1918 aged 30. Son of frank & Sarah Saville; husband of H.J. Saville of 13 Craighead Street, Timaru. Born in Durham, England.

91] Elton, Pte. Charles Edward Stuart, 38792. Wellington Regt. N.Z.E.F. died of sickness 15th September 1918 aged 25. Son of Arthur & Elizabeth Elton of 207 Coutts Street, Kilbirnie South, Wellington.

92] McEnteer, Pte. Claude, 76955. “E” Coy. 40th New Zealand Reinforcements. Died of bronchitis 13th September 1918 aged 20. Son of James & Elizabeth McEnteer  of Grey Street, Waihi; born at Thames.

93] Pilkington, Pte. Zell Eric Ivon, 75251. Machine Gun Sect., 40th New Zealand Reinforcements. Died of pneumonia 12th September 1918 aged 20.  Son of Mr. W.A. & Mrs E.D.B. Pilkington of 1 Grey Street, Devonport, Auckland.

94] Magee, Pte. Joseph, 52446. Auckland Regt., N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness 2nd September 1918 aged 40. Son of late James & Mary Ann Magee of Ireland.

95] Stevenson, Pte. Bertram Onslow, 11587. N.Z.Medical Corps. Died of meningitis 24th July 1918 aged 36.

96] Wade, Pte. John, 61006. Canterbury Regt. N.Z.E.F.  Died of phthisis 23rd August 1918 aged 34. Son of John E and C Wade of Winchester Road, Temuka, Canterbury.

97] Westerby, Pte. William James, 75618. N.Z. Medical Corps. Died of sickness 30th August 1918 aged 30. Husband of Lillie M. Munn [formerly Westerby] of Greytown, Wellington.

98] Nicolson, Pte. Archibald John, 29844.  Otago Regt. N.Z.E.F. Died of pneumonia 14th July 1918 aged 23. Son of Donald & Isabella McDonald Nicolson of Deveraux Road, Winton, Southland.


Lance Serjeant Christopher Thomas Brown

The single grave from WWII is sited near the Cross of Sacrifice, close to the hedge bordering Church Lane beneath a large Beech tree.  Thirty-three year old Lance Serjeant Christopher Thomas Brown was in the 2nd Battalion Welsh Guards stationed at Codford with 6th Guards Armoured Tank Brigade. Born on 29th August 1909, the son of William Telford and Elizabeth Brown; Christopher Brown enlisted in Middlesborough eight days before his eighteenth birthday on 21st August 1928. From 1929-1930 he served in Egypt, transferring to the reserves two years later.  He was recalled to regular service in 1939, promoted to Lance Corporal on 17th June 1940 and to Lance Serjeant three months later.

Christopher Brown was found dead of gunshot wounds to the head in the room adjoining the Sergeants Mess on 8th April 1942. His head was laid on a kit bag and there was a rifle on the floor by his side, medical evidence at the inquest stated that the skin around the wound was discoloured by explosive and the shot had penetrated the brain.  He left a widow, Elizabeth Doris, and two sons who were living at this time in Penberth, Cornwall.


Information kindly shared from Romy Wyeth's excellent booklet -

 'The Men of St Mary's and the ANZAC War Graves'



Commonwealth War Grave Commission

Brasseys Battles

Andrew Frostick

Steve Fuller – ‘The Bedford Regiments in the Great War’

Imperial War Museum

National Army Museum

Sir William Machan

Romy Wyeth -  ‘Swords and Ploughshares - Codford During the 20th Century’ and  ‘Warriors For The Working Day - Codford During Two World Wars’

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