A new addition to our catalogue of visits for 2021 will be Route 79 in Geraldine. This new museum is the eclectic collection belonging to Paul Robins, and is due to open in November.

Paul has always been interested in all things mechanical, starting an apprenticeship as a Diesel Mechanic at a local International Harvest Company dealership W. E Gander & Son's Ltd. From there he worked on a farm for about 18 months before moving onto helicopter engineering for the next 30 years, first with Whirlwide Helicopters, then the original The Helicopter Line and finally Airwork N.Z Ltd.

He took time out during this time to work with Helicopters N.Z with trips to Antarctica & Burma. Also with Erickson Helicopters on Skycranes Heli-logging in Borneo

The museum was going to be a retirement project, but his partner Laraine suggested starting earlier so they bought their property in 2013 and built the shed in 2014. The display has grown and looks to be an immaculately presented collection which we look forward to visiting in November, ready for the Classic Fighters tour at Easter 2021. 

Route 79 4.jpgRoute 79 14.jpg

Route 79 2.jpgRoute 79 13.jpgRoute 79 11.jpg

We look forward to updating this info in due course


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